Wilson is a final year History Major at the National University of Singapore (NUS). He is also pursuing a minor in Political Science. Wilson really wants to make the best of his time in NUS. As such, he is part of both the Political Science Society and History Society. When Wilson is free, he is trying to read all his readings and write the best possible essays – something that he probably has not had the easiest time doing. But for now, let us just skip to the more interesting bits…


That queer username that never fails to autocorrect to welfare? It is the end result of Wilson’s fascination, as a primary school kid, with Chrono Cross (a video-game) and Flame of Recca (an anime). When he was in primary school, Wilson was involved in the National Junior Robotics Competition. To show his fascination for the video-game and anime, he persuaded his ever-obliging team mates to name themselves Chrono Flare. In a moment of sheer inspiration, he created nicknames for each member by combining the first few letters of their name with flare and thus wil+flare = wilflare!

Since that faithful day, wilflare has become Wilson’s online persona.You will see wilflare on various internet forums, online communities, social media channels and not forgetting gaming services.


By now, it is pretty clear what Wilson is interested in. He is into gaming and has started beta-testing games ever since he got his iPad 2. Recently, he has been trying his hand at game development. Check out his first attempt at making his own game below!