Prak Sarin, Heizel and La

The Art and Music of Prak Sarin

During December 2013, I travelled with my friends to Khrang Thnong Village, Cambodia. It’s a beautiful village with many wonderful and warm people. Out of the many people I met, Prak Sarin made a very strong first impression.

“As music is the poetry of sound, so is painting the poetry of sight.”
~James McNeil Whistler

Prak Sarin – The Wall Painter

An incredible artist, Prak Sarin has been painting on the walls of his home in Khrang Thong Village. I wish I could have taken more pictures but here are some his artworks.

Prak Sarin's Wall Painting of the Village River
Wall Painting of the Village River
Prak Sarin's Wall Painting of the Village
Wall Painting of the Village

In Khrong Thnong Village, the villagers live on US$1 a day. Prak Sarin’s expensive painting hobby had to be shelved at one point as the painting materials were not cheap. However, with the help of various volunteers, he is able to share his gift with the world.

As part of an initiative to help Prak Sarin, his family and the rest of his community, Khrong Thnong Community Development Centre has organized the sale of his artwork through cards and paintings. This Christmas, you can not only bless your loved ones but also the people of Khrong Thnong Village with every purchase of these cards.

Khrang Thnong Postcards and Greeting Cards Christmas 2014
This Christmas, bless someone with these postcards and greeting cards

If you are interested in buying these postcards, greeting cards or paintings, please contact the Khrang Thnong Community Development Centre at their website:

The Music of Prak Sarin and La

Art is not the only gift that Prak Sarin has. He and his son, La are also very talented musicians. The father and son duo often play for the various functions in the village (e.g. weddings, festivities and events, etc). Much to our delight, they played a few songs for us and we were all blown away!

You can check out their fantastic performance where they play together on one single guitar!

Over to you

I really hope you can support Prak Sarin, his family and the rest of Khrang Thnong Village. I would really appreciate it if you can help spread the word about his art and his music. Hope you are blessed today! (:

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