Cat is sleeping on the Samsung 65H8000 via Screen Mirroring

Secret TV Log #2 – The Feline Resistance

November 8 2014, Saturday

It has been a week since I first arrived in this human household. The humans are utterly drawn to me. They have spent hours gazing at me, watching what they believe to be “MooVees” and “DraMahs”. But they do not know that I am actually watching them. All these intelligence will be useful for our Empire’s ultimate conquest of this planet they call “Urth”.


The household humans have activated their codeword “Friends”. The first reinforcements have arrived at the behest of the youngest of the household humans. The moment they entered the door and cast their eyes on me, they have fallen into my trap. I have successfully taken over their device called the Nintendo WiiU. I can now track their responses through those black remote controllers they hold in their hands. There are four of them but my large curved screen meant that not a single one of them would be able to escape my eye.

Multiplayer gaming with Mario Kart 8 on Samsung 65H8000
My large curved screen ensures the attention of all these humans


The humans are still playing their game of Mario Kart. They seem to be completely mesmerized by the colorful images they see on the screen. It seems like my Auto-Depth Enhancer is working to keep their eyes glued on me. The more they stare, the more I can reach into the depth of their hearts.


Research complete. The humans have faced me for the past eight hours. I must respect their endurance and stamina. The mission seems to be going well. The Emperor would be pleased.

However, I must report one issue. There is this peculiar feline creature named “Catty”. She is generally unimpressed by me. None of my powers work on her. I must be careful. I cannot fail in my mission.

Cat is sleeping on the Samsung 65H8000 via Screen Mirroring
This feline creature named “Catty” has not fallen for my charms


Over to you

What do you think of the Secret TV Log#2? Would Catty prove to be a problem for Agent 65H8000? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Author’s note – This is a parody of my actual review from the perspective of the TV. I will try to do this every week in parallel to my review. There is no actual spying or surveillance. Check out the actual review in the following link! 

4 thoughts on “Secret TV Log #2 – The Feline Resistance”

  1. It is a really amusing post and I totally like the idea of a parody alongside the professional review! What more a parody that is interesting written in the form of a report by a personified TV! Yet at the same time, the essence of this parody sings the same tune as the review – the TV has enchanted us all who have set our eyes upon it. And I love the introduction of the feline creature! It appeals to cat and animal lovers and the beautifully captured photos of “Catty” makes it impossible for our hearts not to melt and go “Awww”!

    1. thanks for your kind words @Stasia! I really hope “Catty” won’t end up scratching Agent 65H8000 – that would be terrible! But I guess Agent 65H8000’s silver gauntlets would protect him well 😛

      and please feel free to share the story of Agent 65H8000 with your friends! 😀

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