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Samsung 65H8000 Curved TV – Week Two Gets More Interesting

Week Two Review

“Watching TV, it gets more and more interesting”
– Watching TV MV by MediaCorp Channel 8

The Samsung 65H8000 has been at home for more than a week. It has become quite a talking point among my social circle. Family and friends have highlighted that they really would like to come and experience the TV for themselves. The whole buzz about the Samsung 65H8000 really reminds of that nostalgic MediaCorp Channel 8 MV.

Here’s the YouTube video of the very first MV for those of you who needs a blast from the past (highly advised to watch for context):


The MV highlights some of the best aspects of watching TV. Singing in the same tune, my Week Two review would cover how the Samsung 65H8000 makes watching TV much more interesting!

#1 The TV that sparks your curiosity!

Samsung 65H8000 showing Zoe Tay from MediaCorp
Like Zoe Tay sings “(the TV) makes you want to touch the beard!”

“Did you see that snow?! It is actually glittering!”

Do you remember the first time you ever watched TV and felt like you wanted to reach out and touch the screen? The Samsung 65H8000 brings back the child-like curioisity in you with its incredible image quality. When we first tried the Samsung 65H8000, the picture felt extremely life-like and 3D. Honestly, at some points, my friends and I really did want to reach out to touch the snow in Disney’s Frozen. Some of them even exclaimed “Did you see that snow?! It is actually glittering!”. I am rather convinced that the definitive movie experience is not in the cinema but watching the Blu-ray release on the Samsung 65H8000.

Samsung’s Auto-Depth Enhancer

Such an amazing image reproduction is possible thanks to the one-two punch of the curved screen of the Samsung 65H8000 and Samsung’s Auto-Depth Enhancer. Firstly, the curved screen adds depth to the image you see by making it exist on multiple planes.

“the TV makes you feel as if the person is right there in front of you and talking to you”!

Secondly, the Auto-Depth Enhancer technology optimizes the levels of contrast on different sections of the image to add greater depth. This added “depth” is what gives the images you see its life-like quality and 3D feel. My mum, who is a big fan of TVB dramas, commented so many times that “the TV makes you feel as if the person is right there in front of you and talking to you”! I guess the curved screen and the Auto-Depth Enhancer are doing their job. This is probably the closest one can get to being “up front and personal” with his/her favorite celebrities!

Samsung 65H8000 showing a character from TVB Drama Rear Mirror
Don’t you feel like the TVB Actor is talking to you?

3D Mode and 3D Glasses

Active 3D Glasses included with the Samsung 65H8000 TV Accessory Kit
The Samsung 65H8000 TV Accessory Kit comes with two pairs of Active 3D Glasses (only one shown)

For those of you not satisfied with just a 3D feel, you would be glad to know that the Samsung 65H8000 is also a fully-functioning 3D TV. As part of its Accessory Pack, the Samsung 65H8000 also comes with two pairs of Active 3D Glasses. With 3D Mode, you can not only watch your 3D content but you can also convert your normal images into 3D. For more details on the TV’s 3D capababilities, you would have to wait for the coming weeks! For now, if you are ever tired of watching your usual shows in 2D, switch on the 3D mode for a different experience!

Active 3D Glasses is connected to the Samsung 65H8000
Hold the button on the Active 3D Glasses to pair it with the Samsung 65H8000

#2 The Box that has Everything

Samsung 65H8000 showing Kym Ng from Mediacorp
Like Kym Ng says, “It is a box that has everything”!

Remember how the TV used to be the box of wonders and nearly everything in your living room? While smartphones may be reigning supreme now, Smart TVs are making a strong comeback. With a wide range of connectivity options, the Samsung 65H8000 strives to take back the spot as the centre piece of your living room entertainment.

Behind the TV

Samsung 65H8000 and all its connectivity options
There is enough ports for all your devices!

The Samsung 65H8000 provides a solid range of connectivity options at the back of the TV.

  • 4x HDMI
  • 3x USB (one USB3.0)
  • 1x Composite IN
  • 1x Component IN
  • 1x Optical OUT
  • 1x LAN (for Ethernet)

From game consoles (Sony PlayStation 4, Nintendo WiiU, Microsoft Xbox One) to your cable TV set-top box from StarHub TV or Singtel MioTV, the Samsung 65H8000 provides you with a wealth of options to link up all your living room entertainment. Also with the USB input, your family and friends can bring their holiday photos and videos over on a USB drive to watch on the Samsung 65H8000. With all these connectivity options, you don’t really have to worry about not being able to access your content!

Digital Connectivity

More importantly, the Samsung 65H8000 comes with built-in WiFi. By connecting your TV to the Internet, you immediately expand what the TV can do. Firstly, you can stream content from your network via DLNA. So if you have set up your PC to share content, you would be able to access these files via the TV. If you have a Plex Media Server set up, you can also access those media files (the UI is functional but rudimentary and that is when the apps come into play). Simply put, the digital connectivity allows you more ways to access your content!

Samsung 65H8000 with DLNA and Plex Media Server
You can access your Plex Media Server with the Samsung 65H8000

Secondly, you can access the Samsung Smart Hub that houses a number of apps. You can use apps like YouTube, Spotify and Netflix. If you prefer a more aesthetically-designed UI for accessing your local network files, the Plex App is also on the Samsung Smart Hub. With the Samsung Smart Hub, you can now access a whole range of content services without having to purchase or use other devices, allowing for a clutter-free TV cabinet!

More information on how to access or download some of these apps will be covered in a future article.

Samsung 65H8000 Smart Hub
The Samsung Smart Hub houses a range of apps

Over to you

That’s all for now folks! The Samsung 65H8000 is really changing the way my family and I are watching TV. Not only is it more enjoyable to watch the latest shows, the TV has also made us want to revisit some of our favourite content in its full-glory. What are some of your favourite TV moments you hope to relive? What are some of the things you really want to know about the Samsung 65H8000? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Catty’s Review – Week Two

Cat is sleeping away
I don’t understand why my humans are so impressed by the TV. I’m cuter.

Author’s note – This post is made as part of the Samsung Curved TV Opinion Leader Facebook Contest. Please note that all opinions expressed here are mine and do not represent Samsung.

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7 thoughts on “Samsung 65H8000 Curved TV – Week Two Gets More Interesting”

    1. Hey, that is a good idea! I would definitely want to get it and play the episodes for my mom and grandma to watch. It is also a good chance for me to relive my childhood and those shows are certainly worth watching again! It would be even better if we could watch them on the Samsung 65H8000 TV you got!!!

  1. WOW! This TV is undeniably awesome! Speaking of the box that has everything, it reminds me of Doraemon’s yojigen pocket which is a fourth-dimensional pocket that can produce many gadgets and tools from the future.

    The in-built wifi will allow me to enjoy my Korean dramas on the big-screen TV rather than on my small laptop screen. Not to mention that the cutting edge technology Samsung has used for this Curved TV transcends the technology used by other TV manufacturers. It totally gives a glimpse into what future TV watching experience would be like! Except that we do not have to wait because the future is now here!

    I also like the connectivity it offers hence providing a complete sync with all the other entertainment gadgets. Like what you have said, it is not difficult for this 65in Curved TV to assume the limelight of our living room!

    If I have the TV, I really hope to be able to watch my all time favourite movies like The Cinderella Story, Marvel Heroes and Frozen! I no longer have to fret over missing the movies in cinema because I have my own home theatre available anytime, in the comforts of my house and the experience is not shortchanged!

    1. hi @Stasia! 😀 you are definitely right about how awesome this TV is! It is a definite upgrade from my old Hitachi Plasma!

      I will talk more about the pros and cons of the Curved TV in a future article – as that seems to be the biggest selling point of the 65H8000 (besides its amazing image quality).

      and after using the TV for two weeks now, I really rather watch movies on this screen! The level of detail is simply incredible!

    1. hey @disqus_0rIARRXUNz:disqus I agree! I really need to cover more animation stuff! I never seen this 1080p trailer (oh snap!)

      yeap and the YouTube app is pretty awesome – you can pair it with your phone to navigate (with the phone’s keypad, etc) – though the Smart Remote’s pointer is pretty good too

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