Let’s make a #BetterPSN

#BetterPSN | You can Play a Part

A group of PlayStation gamers have decided that they no longer want to sit around the premises, waiting for the promises (of an improved PSN experience). They have collated a list of features and improvements they would like to see and organised a social media campaign in hopes that Sony would take note and take positive action.

Check out some of the most notable points of the list and how you can play a part to make it possible!

A Little History

Launched in 2006, the PlayStation Network (PSN) was Sony’s attempt at creating an unified online network for its PlayStation family of products. PSN provided a variety of services, ranging from online gaming to media streaming. While the service did have its fair share of issues, its “free” price-tag meant that most gamers were willing to make some concessions.

However, with the launch of the PlayStation 4 in 2013, Sony has decided to charge for online gaming – Gamers now have to subscribe to PlayStation Plus, a paid premium service, for access. Not surprisingly, most gamers now expect more from PSN.

Talking about a #BetterPSN at NeoGAF

There has been a number of threads on NeoGAF that discussed how PSN can be improved. But it was not until NeoGAF user etta‘s thread that a focused OT and the BetterPSN.com site (thanks to NeoGAF user Bahlor) that a call to action was made.

Please check out the discussion over at NeoGAF – PSN 2.0: What should it be like? (Twitter #BetterPSN)

Notable Suggestions

Over at BetterPSN.com, users can not only submit new suggestions but also vote on their most desired features and improvements. Here are some notable ones:

Account/Profile Improvements

  • Continuous trophy syncing
  • Online/offline (invisibility) status change
  • Enhanced user profile page showing favorite games, screenshots/recordings, game wishlist, deeper activity sections

General usability Improvements

  • Search function, better organization and filters for download history/library
  • The ability to delete stuff (old demos, expired betas, crappy games) from the library
  • Custom avatars (purchasable or own uploaded via PS app)

PS Store Improvements

  • Store wishlist, gifting system (cross-region gifting?)
  • Up-to-date digital titles (fully patched when downloading post-launch
  • Refund system similar to Steam’s

PSN Improvements

  • Significantly increased size of cloud storage for saves, as well as a family account feature set for saves (no need for sub accounts), auto-sync save files as they are modified
  • Username (PSN ID) changing along with a username history system in the user’s profile page
  • Better/more CDN’s with consistent speeds that are competitive with similar services

Security Improvements

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)

How You Can Play a Part

Over at the NeoGAF thread, etta has already outlined how you can take part in this social media campaign.

  1. Vote for the features you want (or suggest new ones) over at BetterPSN.com!
  2. Tweet #BetterPSN along with the feature you want to:
    • @yosp, @AskPlayStation, @amboyes, @toshimasa_aoki, @andrewhouse_ps
  3. Remember – be constructive and polite in your tweets!
  4. Sample

    @yosp @AskPlayStation @amboyes @toshimasa_aoki @andrewhouse_ps Please implement two-factor authentication #BetterPSN http://bit.do/betterpsn

Over to you

If you can pick three features to be implemented immediately, what would they be? For me, it would be (1)  Changing the Username (PSN ID), (2) Store wishlist and gifting and (3) 2FA with Google Authenticator!

Feel free to share to your thoughts in the comments section (more importantly, I hope you can play a part in making a #BetterPSN)!

UPDATE: Feel free to use the Featured Image/Banner I've made to help spread the awareness for #BetterPSN (It's a quick Paint.NET job with the new PSN logo and a recent PSN store background) - Please credit (a linkback is much appreciated!)